Day Trips

Morning pick-up from your Jerusalem area hotel. These tours are approximately 8-10 hours.
Guiding fees are $400 USD per day of guiding. Transportation cost starts at $175 for up to 200 kilometers round trip (e.g. Jerusalem to the Masada and back) in our 7-seater SUV  (up to 6 passengers).
$100 discount for a half-day tour (up to 4 hours).
Guiding and transportation prices do not include site admission fees,  meals, or lodging. Please see Our Services for more information.
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Masada & Dead Sea region

What Will You See & Do?

Take a cable car ride (or wake up early for a sunrise hike) up Masada, site of the last stand of Jewish rebels against Rome in 73 CE. Learn about the courage they displayed against the tremendous might of Rome. See the trove of artifacts excavated, and read Josephus’ description of the heroic story.

Ein Gedi

David’s refuge from King Saul, and a beautiful nature hike. One of Israel’s most popular.

Dead Sea

Read a newspaper as you float at the world’s lowest spot. Don’t forget to spread on lots of mineral-rich mud, as well!


Where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Learn about the mysterious sect of Jews who wrote them, and why they hid them, only to be found 2,000 years later.
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Ancient Jerusalem

What Will You See & Do?
Temple Mount overlook

From above the world’s oldest Jewish cemetery, get an incredible view of the holiest spot on earth, as well as the most sought-after – the Temple Mount. Hear stories from ancient times all the way up to the modern State of Israel, as nation after nation tried to control this important location.

City of David

Where ancient Jerusalem began. See the view King David had from his palace, walk through King Hezekiah’s water tunnel (mentioned in the books of Kings and Isaiah), and see if we can solve the riddle of how David managed to capture the city from the Jebusites.

Davidson Center

The Southern Wall excavations. Walk on the same road Jewish pilgrims walked on when they came to Jerusalem for festivals, and see evidence of the Roman destruction from 70 CE.

Jewish Quarter

Visit sites just a few steps from each other as you travel through nearly 3,000 years of history. See King Hezekiah’s Broad Wall, the Maccabee city wall, the remnants of a Jewish mansion, the restored Hurva Synagogue, and more.

Western Wall (Kotel)

One of the holiest sites in Judaism, and one of the remaining retaining walls of Herod the Great’s Temple Mount complex. The closest spot to the Holy of Holies at which Jews can pray. The focal point of Jewish hopes and aspirations for nearly 2,000 years.
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Tel Aviv & coastal plain region

What Will You See & Do?
Independence Hall

Sing the “HaTikvah” in the same room where David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the re-establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Yisrael after a nearly 2,000-year-long wait. Hear the stories which led up to this momentous occasion.

Invitation to Silence

How can we possibly clearly communicate if we can’t hear or speak? Led by a deaf-mute guide, we’ll do just that. You’ll be amazed at how much we can convey through our hand gestures and facial expressions.

Ayyalon Institute (Underground Bullet Factory)

See the secret bullet factory from pre-state Israel, when the Jewish underground produced thousands and thousands of bullets, right under the noses of the British. Learn stories of these brave kibbutz members’ daring and courage.

Nahalat Binyamin

Tel Aviv’s twice-weekly crafts fair.
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Haifa and northern coast region

What Will You See & Do?

Israel’s MIT. Learn about the latest technological breakthroughs from the one of the world’s premier engineering institutions.

Baha’i Gardens

Overlooking the Bay of Haifa, these gardens are meticulously maintained, and are a wonder to behold. Learn about one of the world’s newest religions, and find out why they, too, consider Israel to be their holy land.

Rosh HaNikra

Take the world’s steepest cable car for a ride down to the magnificent grottoes, carved by the Mediterranean Sea.

Acre (Akko)

Home to the beautiful Tunisian Synagogue with its monumental modern mosaics depicting Jewish history, the Underground Prisoners Museum from pre-state Palestine, and a subterranean Crusader city.
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Gush Etzion & Judean Mountains

What Will You See & Do?
Gush Etzion

A bloc of towns just south of Jerusalem, in the Judean Mountains. Understand why David Ben-Gurion said of them, “If there exists a Jewish Jerusalem, our foremost thanks go to the defenders of Gush Etzion.” Hear their stories of courage and heroism in the days leading up to Israel’s independence in 1948.

Patriarchs’ Path (Derech HaAvot)

Walk along the same road travelled by some of our most famous ancestors. Abraham and Isaac on their way to the Binding of Isaac, Joseph on his way to check on his brothers in Shechem, and more. Also, go into an ancient ritual bath (mikveh) used by Jewish pilgrims on their way to the Second Temple.


The Jewish people’s first official capital city, and the site of the tombs of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs. See where Abraham purchased the Cave of Machpeilah in Genesis 23.


Herod the Great’s tomb, and the magnificent fortress he built in the Judean Desert. Also, a cave system from the Second Great Revolt in the 2nd century.

Gush Etzion Winery tour

Sample some of Israel’s best, award-winning wines, and see where and how they’re made.
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Elah Valley region

What Will You See & Do?
Elah Valley

The site of David vs. Goliath. The biggest upset of all time.

Dig for a Day

Participate in a real archaeological dig. Be the first to touch artifacts from over 2,000 years ago!

Bar-Kochba Caves

Crawl through the same caves the rebels in the Second Great Revolt crawled through, as they fought against the mighty Roman Empire.
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Caesarea & Sharon region

What Will You See & Do?

Herod the Great’s magnificent Roman-style city dedicated to the Caesar, with its theatre, racetrack, and harbor. You can even go snorkeling to see what remains of his harbor, underwater!

Zichron Ya’akov

One of the most picturesque towns in the country, and one of the first towns built by Jewish pioneers in the late 19th century. Home of famous wineries, an historical cemetery, and a World War I-era Jewish spy ring.

Ein Hod

A charming village nestled in the Carmel Mountains, boasting some of the best artists’ galleries in the country.

Zichron Ya’akov wineries

Sample some of Israel’s best, award-winning wines, and see where and how they’re made.
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Beit She’an & Lower Galilee

What Will You See & Do?
Beit She’an

Magnificent Roman city destroyed by an earthquake in 749 CE. It’s almost as if the city were frozen in time. In the book of Samuel 1, this is where the Philistines hanged King Saul’s body.

Beit Alpha

Visit a 1,500-year-old synagogue with a beautiful, yet curious, mosaic floor. What is a Greek god doing in a synagogue?

Galita Chocolate Factory

Create your own delectable, edible treats!


The capital of the Galilee, where the Jews migrated after the Second Temple was destroyed. Visit a luxurious Roman villa, home to the “Mona Lisa of the Galilee,” and learn about Rabbi Judah the Prince’s compilation of the Mishnah, one of Judaism’s most important books.
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Golan Heights & Eastern Galilee

What Will You See & Do?
Safed (Tzfat)

The center of Jewish mysticism since the 16th century. Explore the quaint alleyways of this charming city. Marvel at the unique art along the Artists’ Lane. Hear stories of heroism and faith from the 1948 War of Independence.

Mt. Bental

From a former bunker complex, peer deep into Syria, and understand the strategic importance of the Golan Heights.

Golan Heights ATVing

Get up close and personal with the Syrian border, and visit a former Syrian military HQ.

Golan Heights Winery

Sample some of Israel’s best, award-winning wines, and see where and how they’re made.
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Memory in Jerusalem

What Will You See & Do?
Yad VaShem

Israel’s national memorial to the 6 million Jewish victims of the Sho’ah. Learn about the vibrant Jewish life which was lost, and the heroism of those who tried to do good in the face of tremendous evil.

Mt. Herzl

Israel’s national military cemetery. Hear heroic stories of Hannah Senesh, Eli Cohen, Jonathan Netanyahu, and more, as we pay tribute to those who gave their lives for the Jewish state.
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