“I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you did for us in Israel. I couldn’t imagine a better person to lead us on our Birthright. You knew everything there was to know about everything and you made even the most boring parts fun! You made the bus rides hilarious and even waking up at 5:45 wasn’t that bad when you played music to wake us up. Israel would not have been the same if you were not with us. You were always the topic of discussion on the plane rides home and we could not stop saying nice things. Everyone loved you and really appreciated what you did for us. I am jealous of any future groups you get. Thank you so much for making Birthright an unforgettable experience and making it the best trip I have ever gone on!”

–Joey Pawlan, Illinois


“One of the best, most accommodating, and interesting tour guides I have ever encountered. An American who moved to Israel several years ago, Aryeh can give a great American AND a great Israeli perspective, both cultural and religious. It was very easy to contact him, he was responsive on email, he is flexible for the needs and knowledge level and exercise level of any group, and he is a wealth of knowledge. We learned a TON and he was happy to discuss while driving, walking together, eating meals, etc. DEFINITELY will contact him again with future visits, and bringing his information to my colleagues around town who are planning a visit!!”

-J. Stolker, Missouri


“I feel Rabbi Aryeh was not only a knowledgeable tour guide, but he also brought Israel to life with Tanach (the Bible) and pictures. He was also a very positive role model for my children and presented life lessons in a way that was valuable and not preachy.”

–Paula Gilder, New York


“Rabbi Aryeh was the best guide that I have had lead a group in many years. He is incredibly knowledgeable beyond the standard tour guide education. His depth of knowledge about Jewish History, Jewish texts, and general culture (both Israeli and American) makes him not only an excellent educator, but entertaining and fun as well. His friendly demeanor made him accessible to all the participants, and his delightful sense of humor was a joy throughout the trip. I am making an early request that he be our guide for all of the Suncoast Hillels future trips.”

–Rabbi Ed Rosenthal, Florida


“Dear Rabbi Aryeh,

We want to thank you for helping us have the trip of a lifetime! You helped us really understand the history behind everything we saw, gave us an in-depth understanding of the geo-political issues, as well as made the trip fun and relaxing. We all enjoyed getting to know you, as well.”

–Rachel and Steve Klein, New Jersey


“Aryeh made our tours interesting and fun. He got all our kids involved. The most impressive feat was getting out 6 year old excited. Very comfortable vehicle for a family of 5. Highly recommend!!!”

–David, New York


“Dear Aryeh,

Thanks so much for being a brilliant guide to our group in Israel. I learned an enormous amount from you about the history of Israel, about Judaism, and about how to be a good guide. Your tireless work on our behalf was superb, as was the depth and breadth of your knowledge about all the places we visited. I particularly admired your apparently effortless ability to communicate equally well with adults and children, from Stephanie, the youngest, to me, the oldest. Your sense of fun and access to the most appropriate music and film clips just added to the completeness of your daily presentations.

I hope we’ll bump into each other again. Meanwhile, very best wishes in getting lots more good clients.”

-Prof. Patrick Allitt, Georgia


“Dear Aryeh,

I just wanted to thank you again, in writing, for your excellent guidance on the Israel trip. It was a pleasure traveling with you. I know it was a life-changing event for many of the kids, thanks in no small part to the fact that you gave it a spiritual dimension that made it more than an ordinary tour. I was impressed with everything we did, especially the tactical and security.

I hope you and your family are well. It was a pleasure to meet your wife, and some of your adorable children. Blessings to you all.”

-Christine Silk, California